Are These Symptoms Of PCOS …?

Illustration of Are These Symptoms Of PCOS …?
Illustration: Are These Symptoms Of PCOS …?

, I want to ask I have been married for 2 years … but until now I haven’t had a baby … my menstrual cycle is very rare in 1 year, even if I can not menstruate for one year … I’ve been to the obstetrician, he said it’s okay it’s only aj hormone problems, hormones such as fat that cover the womb, there is no tour / penyakin any …. after dark ordinary doctor I was given drugs to menstruate but yes I drink months after that menstruation but the next month no longer menstruating … There is a solution? ?? Do I have to depend on menstrual medicine ???

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Hello Catarina,

Menstrual cycles are normally around 21-35 days with menstrual periods 2-7 days and menstrual blood levels 30-40 ml. The irregular menstrual cycle that you are experiencing can be caused by the following factors:

Physical stress and fatigue
Hormonal Disorders
Drastic change in body weight
Side effects of contraception
Polycystic ovary syndrome / PCOS
Thyroid disorders

Your action to see an obstetrician is very appropriate. But if the next month menstruation returns late, it would be better if you control back to the obstetrician who treats you or you can seek a second opinion with another obstetrician. The doctor will carry out further tests to ascertain your condition and if necessary conduct an ultrasound and blood test. Further treatment can be adjusted to the results of your examination. Your doctor can also provide advanced treatment for the pregnant program for you and your partner.

Some tips that can be done to facilitate menstruation include:

Get enough rest and don't get tired
Exercise regularly and adjust your body weight to be more ideal
Manage stress well
Get used to a healthy lifestyle
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Inadequate body fluid needs

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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