Are Tonsils And Sinuses Connected?

Illustration of Are Tonsils And Sinuses Connected?
Illustration: Are Tonsils And Sinuses Connected?

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Of course, it is not without the basic organs of the ear, nose, and throat grouped into 1, namely ENT. This is because, these three organs are connected to each other by a structure called the Eustachian tube and nasopharynx. Eustachian tube is a channel that connects the middle ear with the throat behind the nasal cavity (nasopharynx). Therefore, inflammation in the ears, nose and throat, can spread to each other. This inflammation can cause a variety of complaints, such as:

Inflammation in the ear, will make the ear feel full, pain, hearing loss, and excessive secretions from the ear

Inflammation in the nose and sinus cavities, will often make the nose clogged, runny, nasal sounds, olfactory disorders, taste disorders, dizziness, headaches

Inflammation in the throat and tonsils, will make pain when swallowing, throat itching or phlegm, tonsils and throat swell, sound tightness, and various other complaints appear

Your condition should indeed be given direct treatment by an ENT specialist so that it does not get worse. Because, it is not impossible, chronic ongoing inflammation in the ear can cause a large tear in the eardrum, so that even hearing function will decrease significantly and permanently. Not only that, recurring inflammation in the throat and tonsils can also trigger swelling that needs to be treated with surgery. Inflammation which is caused by infection with ENT organs can also spread to other distant organs, such as lymph nodes, jaws, membranes of the brain, heart, kidneys, and so on.

Besides the doctor's treatment, you can do the following tricks so that your complaints improve:

much rest
If there are substances that often make you allergic, for example cold, dust mites, pollen, etc., stay away from the allergen first
Use a mask, especially when in a dirty, smoky, and polluted environment
Stay away from cigarettes and smoke
Keep your environment clean, well-ventilated and well-lit
Drink plenty of warm water, eat fruits rich in vitamin C
Don't over-consume foods and drinks that are cold, greasy, artificially sweetened
Expand to exercise so that endurance increases

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