Are Toothpaste Masks Safe For The Face?

Illustration of Are Toothpaste Masks Safe For The Face?
Illustration: Are Toothpaste Masks Safe For The Face?

I want to ask if the toothpaste really can be used as a face mask? Are there no side effects? Or depending on the content of the toothpaste? For example Sasha toothpaste. Because the toothpaste has no alcohol content.

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Toothpaste is one of the chemicals in dental care and oral cavity to help maintain healthy teeth and oral cavity, and maintain the freshness of your oral cavity. In this toothpaste, contained chemical composition that is adjusted to the environment in the oral cavity. Because dental and oral care preparations are not for skin care or facial skin care, you should not use this toothpaste for your skin.
Some side effects that might occur if toothpaste is used for your skin are:
1. skin irritation
2. itchy skin
3. skin moisture is reduced
4. allergic to ingredients contained in toothpaste
In addition, in general there are no medical indications that recommend the use of toothpaste for the treatment or coronation of complaints or certain skin diseases, so that this action is not medically recommended.
Furthermore, the various information you receive, you read or you download, you should not directly respond directly, especially relating to health information. Make sure the source of information comes from competent sources, especially related to health. If the source you get is not accompanied by research evidence or there is no expert statement, then you should be able to ask questions directly at or your family doctor or your internal medicine doctor. The results of the discussion and evaluation and examination of your health complaints can be confirmed directly by the doctor concerned. Thus, complaints that you feel can be controlled and the selection process can be undertaken properly.
Henceforth, if you currently have complaints of skin health problems, then you should visit your doctor and avoid giving medication independently without direct supervision by your doctor to prevent unexpected side effects. Use natural ingredients for facial masks so that they have little side effects to your facial skin.
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