Arm Pain When Moving?

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I want to ask, my husband has been feeling pain in his left arm for 2 days. If you move it, it hurts a lot. I asked dizzy, answered no, I asked nausea, the answer was no. I asked the one who had pain in the spine and he said no. Guess why? What are signs of gout? How are funds handled? Thank you

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Hi Rania, thanks for asking on

Your consultation question regarding arm pain, there are several conditions that can cause these complaints to appear, including:

Muscle pain or better known in medical terms as "myalgia". This condition is caused by injury to the muscles, causing the muscles to become inflamed and cause a sensation of pain. Generally, in this condition, the pain will be felt more if you do certain movements.

Frozen shoulder is a condition where there is stiffness in the shoulder joint. In addition to stiffness, there will be pain and cause limited movement of the shoulder so that it cannot be moved at all

Dislocation of the shoulder joint or the joint shifts out of place. This shift can put pressure on the nerve cells that innervate the arm

Rheumatoid arthritis is joint tissue damage caused by an autoimmune disease

There are still many possibilities that may occur to your husband's condition, it is advisable to consult a doctor, so that further examination and appropriate treatment can be carried out. To reduce the pain that is felt temporarily, there are several ways that can be done, including:

Compress the sore area using ice water

Do muscle stretching slowly every morning

Resting the arm that is in pain

You can apply balsam, eucalyptus oil or patch to reduce the pain

If the complaint is felt to be getting worse and does not decrease, contact a doctor immediately

I hope the answer I gave can answer the question you asked

dr. Arief Tri Wibowo

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