Around Feels Slow?

Illustration of Around Feels Slow?
Illustration: Around Feels Slow?

Hello, 2 days ago my body was hot. After recovering, I see my surroundings as slowing down, the music that says dgr also slows down even though the speed is normal? What is the relationship between perception?

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Hello. Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

Related to complaints that are felt should be considered and conveyed the following

- The heat 2 days ago whether the fever accompanied by the body feels sweaty
- Are there infections that are experienced such as respiratory infections, ear infections
- Are there any anxiety or thoughts that are currently being experienced
- Have any similar history before

Things that might be the cause of the symptoms that are felt are

- Vertigo
- Hallucinations
- Feelings of depression / depression

Vertigo is a condition where a person feels to see his surroundings in a rotating condition, this is usually accompanied by nausea and vomiting and the body feels weak. Sometimes it is related to the condition of the ear that is ringing or hearing loss,

Hallucination is a condition where there appears something that does not exist where it only exists in one's mind. Oran who experience this can be associated with conditions experiencing anxiety, disturbance to sleep, head injuries, electrolyte disorders of the body, or leads to mental disorders or can also be related to disorders of the nerves such as migraine, stroke, seizures.

Depression is a condition where a person experiences pressure so that he feels sad, not energetic, and has no desire. This can disturb the condition and everyday life, that is, a person feels unenthusiastic, thinks about many things, giving rise to an unreal thought, confines himself.

Regarding the following, it is best if you do have a problem or anxiety. Tell someone close to you if you don't feel comfortable, you can tell your psychologist or psychiatrist. Some things that should be done are to avoid empty thoughts, busy yourself for positive things, use the time for things you like. If you have disturbed your daily life you should immediately consult your condition to the doctor.

That's the thing we can say. May be useful. Thank you

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