Around The Breast?

Illustration of Around The Breast?
Illustration: Around The Breast?

Hello dokI want to consult. At the time I was showering I realized, then I found a little bump but at the time I realized while sleeping the lump was almost not palpable. And there is pain, indeed I want to menstruate. Could it be cancer? So, what should I do? If I go to the doctor, which doctor should I go to?

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Hello Anastasya,

Thank you for the question.

Lumps that feel pain in the breast, if it appears only just before menstruation, often naturally caused by the influence of hormones. In the medical realm, this condition is called breast fibrocystic changes. After menstruation, often these lumps will shrink by themselves without the need for special handling. So, don't worry about it ...

However, if after menstruation you can still feel the lump, then you should really be vigilant. It could be, a lump in your breast arising from other triggers, such as fibroadenoma, breast cysts, abscesses, clodged duct, mastitis, benign or other malignant tumors in the breast, skin infections, hyperkeratosis, skin tags, lymphadenopathy, and so on. Malignant conditions are often characterized by lumps that continue to enlarge in size, consistency is hard, the surface is uneven, or causes the structure of the skin and nipples to change, such as rough, drawn in, wounds, and even festering.

If this is the last condition that you are experiencing, it seems you need to see yourself directly to the doctor or surgeon. A physical examination, breast ultrasound, biopsy, mammography, or possibly other supporting tests may be done by the doctor in order to determine what the best treatment that needs to be done for your condition.

In the meantime, you can warm compress first when the lump feels painful. Do not over-press the lump, keep your breasts clean, and be disciplined to live a healthy lifestyle in your daily life, including eating lots of foods that are rich in antioxidants (such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains).

Hope this helps ...

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