Illustration of Arv
Illustration: Arv

Doc, if for example you usually drink arv at 20.00 then the next day forget and drink at 22.00 whether the next day follow at 22.00 or stay at 20.00? Thank you

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Basically you are advised to take ARVs at the same time every day. If indeed you have forgotten taking your medicine, you should take your medicine as soon as you remember, then take the next medication in your original schedule. In your case, for example, if you miss a dose and only drink it the next day at 22:00, then you can return to your schedule all the next day, which is at 20:00.

Forgetting to take medication only once is fine and very facial occurs, but if you often forget to take ARVs, then this can have an impact on the effectiveness of treatment (your viral load can rise again) and can cause drug resistance. Therefore, make sure you take your medicine every day, put a reminder taking medication on your cell phone or ask for help from others as well to remind you take your medicine, until later taking the drug will become a habit and you will never forget again.

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