ASI Production Has Not Been Much Or Not Smooth?

Illustration of ASI Production Has Not Been Much Or Not Smooth?
Illustration: ASI Production Has Not Been Much Or Not Smooth?

Hello, I just gave birth two months ago and intend to give full milk. When my child was a month old, he got dehydrated because of the short story I just found out that the attachment was not right (after the second time to a different lactation doctor).

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With the right effort, generally, mothers who give birth will be able to breastfeed their babies well after 1 to 4 weeks. Indeed, it is not easy to adapt to new tasks as a mother. However, you need to know, that this adaptation also needs to be lived by your baby. So, you don't fight alone.

Often, infants become rampant when suckling due to confused nipples. This nipple confusion can occur if in the early days of birth, your baby has been introduced by inappropriate breast replacement media, for example pacifiers. When suckling with a pacifier, the baby does not need to bother sucking, the milk will come out by itself. Unlike breastfeeding directly from the breast, which requires it to suck hard to stimulate the LDR (let down reflex), then the milk will come out. Not infrequently, this nipple confusion is not caused purely due to the actions of the mother, but due to the intervention of others (for example, parents who consider breast milk production is lacking) or also handling in health facilities when treatment in hospital (often in mothers who give birth by cesarean or constrained undergoing treatment joining the baby).

This nipple confusion is often confused with poor milk production, when in fact it is not. At the beginning of breastfeeding, mothers are often not able to express a lot of milk. This condition does not necessarily mean that the production is small. Instead, ejection (expenditure) of milk that is hampered by the still high pregnancy hormone. As your pregnancy hormone levels decrease in your blood, the production and ejection of breast milk will increase. This is also influenced by the more advanced your baby is suckling.

Confused nipples in infants can cause it to be unable to suckle effectively. As a result, he will feel tired when suckling, then rages. The condition of a baby like this can cause the mother's confidence to decrease, and the impact, milk production will also be reduced.

Not only confused nipples, it could also be, the baby rages when suckling occurs because of many other factors, for example:

Constraints in infants in breastfeeding, such as due to tongue tie, lip tie, thrush, cleft, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), congenital heart disease Obstacles in breastfeeding mothers, such as due to too little milk, too much breast milk, clogged duct, inverted nipple Other factors, such as drowsiness, fullness, uncomfortable environmental conditions, etc. Unlike when you breastfeed your baby directly from the breast, the results of milking milk (for example by milking with your hands or breast milk pump) are not always identical to your milk production The real. When breastfeeding a baby directly, many emotional factors play a role in it, including comfort when being close to the baby, love for the baby, and so on. You cannot get these various factors when expressing milk, especially in your condition when you are worried about your problems in breastfeeding your baby.

The steps you took before were actually correct, i.e. consult directly with your doctor or lactation consultant doctor. In this way, the doctor can certainly identify the possible causes of your complaint and provide the best treatment. Of course, overcoming obstacles to breastfeeding as you experience it can not be done with short steps. Not just undergoing medical treatment, you also need to undergo the following efforts:

Throw away your excessive worries related to the process of breastfeeding your baby Convince yourself, that God has entrusted you to be a mother, of course God will also enable you to breastfeed your baby multiply do relaxation, calm your heart and mind Keep trying to increase your milk production , ie by milking it every 2 to 3 hours, breastfeeding regularly every time your baby needs, multiply drinking, and also eat a balanced nutritious food So that the baby does not rage when breastfed, feed him regularly 2 to 3 hours, do not wait for him too hungry to cry and rage easily If unable to breastfeed your baby directly, do not use a pacifier, you can use a spoon or cupfeeder Do not fight alone, work with your partner, including your closest relatives to help care for your baby, so as to ease your burden, and succeed in giving exclusive breastfeeding to your baby. Live se Then a healthy lifestyle. Hope it helps.

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