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Illustration: Ask About Sperm.?

Evening, I want to ask. Previously I had sex with my wife using a condom. after finished I forgot to throw out the condom that already contained the sperm. When it was several days I found sperm had been spilled on the floor and appeared like maggots around it plus a bad smell, why is that? do I have a disease?

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Good afternoon, thanks for asking at Sperm is one of the fluids that the body produces for reuse, in this case, to fertilize an egg in a woman's uterus. As for your condition, the sperm fluid has an unpleasant odor after being left for a few days and an animal appears like maggots, this is not because there is an abnormality in the sperm itself.

Maggots are larvae of flies, in which the appearance of maggots on animal carcasses, rotten fruit or on human corpses begins with the flies laying their eggs there. So since there is no way a fly could lay eggs in a living human, the most likely thing is that a fly landed on your used condom, then the fly lays its eggs there and then multiplies a few days later into maggots. This may be because the sperm fluid does contain nutrients for the survival of sperm in the female organs.

Even if there are abnormalities in yourself, you will know more about this by feeling it directly, such as sperm that do not come out, or very little, sperm mixed with blood, difficulty in erections, pubic itching or spots appearing and the like, not in the form of sperm fluid that comes out maggots like that you tell. So, hopefully it answers your question.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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