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When pregnant, pregnant women should be more careful in using skincare and cosmetics. As much as possible use more natural ingredients and avoid ingredients that can affect the fetus. Some ingredients that should not be used during pregnancy are isotretinoin, retinoids, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and tetracyclines. Hazardous substances such as mercury and hydroquinone should also be avoided.

Related to parabens, parabens are preservatives that are usually used in cosmetics and skincare to prevent the development of germs in products so that the product can be used for a longer time. Actually parabens in very small and controlled amounts are not harmful to the body (the later the substance is mentioned in the average composition, the less the percentage of the substance is), but it is necessary to pay attention to the accumulation of parabens found in various products used.

In relation to pregnancy, there are several studies showing parabens can cross the placental barrier so that it affects fetal development disorders. Therefore, if possible, you should choose skincare and cosmetics that are paraben free during pregnancy. It should be noted that paraben free cosmetics and skincare usually have a shorter shelf life. You can also use natural ingredients to treat your face during pregnancy. You can consult further with a dermatologist and gynecologist for the safest facial care for pregnant women. Meanwhile, soap products specifically for babies are usually quite safe to use for babies, including newborns.

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