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my blood’s breasts sometimes “feel sore in my armpit I have a lump that if I touch it, it hurts now my one hand feels weak, is it a symptom of breast cancer?

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Hello Mailan Irdina, thank you for asking, I will try to answer your question.

Pain in the breast is very natural if it makes us as a woman to be worried and anxious, but not all pain in the breast indicates something dangerous. Pain in the breasts, also known as mastalgia, is pain that originates from the breast itself or the surrounding tissue but the pain reaches the breasts. Breast pain itself is generally related to hormonal changes in the body, or it could be due to other factors that are not related to hormones.

Some conditions that trigger breast pain include:

Menstrual cycle (PMS) Mastitis / inflammation of the breast, usually in breastfeeding mothers or patients with breast abscess due to an infection in the breast. Lumps in the breast that are benign sometimes also cause pain Injuries to other parts of the body such as muscles around the chest, shoulders or back Certain drugs such as antidepressants, birth control drugs, antipsychotics or medications for heart disease can sometimes cause breast pain. Unhealthy diet. Breast pain can be treated according to knowing the underlying cause. About 30% of breast pain is related to the menstrual cycle, and the pain usually disappears after 3 menstrual cycles. While other things that can be done to reduce breast pain, namely:

reduce consumption of foods containing saturated fats reduce caffeine consumption using painkillers that are sold in the market to reduce breast pain using a bra according to the size of not consuming alcohol or smoking Beware of breast pain that leads to malignancy, namely:

The breasts experience a change in shape or size of discharge from the nipple which is sometimes accompanied by blood, changes in the shape of the nipple or a rash on the swollen nipple / lump around the armpit but occurs outside the menstrual cycle, it appears dimpling in the breast / pulling the breast skin in. Consult a doctor immediately / check with your nearest doctor if within 3 weeks your breast pain has not subsided, or if you find the symptoms alert as I tell you.

Hopefully what I have to say is a little useful. Thank you

dr. Ciptanti

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