Asthenozoosperm Treatment?

Illustration of Asthenozoosperm Treatment?
Illustration: Asthenozoosperm Treatment?

Hello, I have been married for almost two years, we have done various examinations, thank God from me there is no problem, but there is a slight problem from my husband, namely asthenozoosperm. twice the results were the same, even though my husband had already consumed a doctor’s prescription Oligocare, but the results were even worse than the previous examination. Aggregation is also positive, * I don’t understand what aggregation is. Please enlighten us, how can we have children

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Hello Beautiful,

Asthenozoosperm is a condition in which the movement of sperm decreases. Normal sperm moves with the help of a part such as a tail and moves forward towards the egg for fertilization. Normally> 40% of sperm during ejaculation can move normally.

Aggregation is a condition for the attachment of immobile sperm or the attachment of sperm that move normally with other cells or waste.

Some things that are thought to cause asthenozoosperm conditions include:

Disorders of the testicles
Sperm tail structure disorders caused by congenital abnormalities (any from birth) or hereditary (passed down from the family).
Recurrent genital infections

Antisperm antibodies
Metabolic disorders
Free radicals
Exposure to certain substances from the environment
The state has not ejaculated for a long time

Impaired sperm movement certainly makes it difficult for couples to get pregnant normally. There are several food ingredients that have been studied to help increase sperm movement, namely:

Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Zinc sulphate

Usually these micronutrients are given at high doses in supplement form. Husband should return to the control of the urologist in charge If necessary, other supporting examinations will be carried out besides sperm analysis. In addition, you and your husband can discuss ways to get pregnant, for example with certain sexual intercourse positions so that the sperm can more easily reach the egg or through an unnatural pregnancy, such as IVF (in vitro fertilization).

Some things you can do to help improve sperm movement are:

Enough rest
Get regular exercise
Quit smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages
Avoid exposure to chemicals or excessive heat in the testicles area

That's the explanation from me, hopefully it's useful. Keep trying and praying, hopefully you will be blessed with offspring.

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