Asthma And Often Dizzy Swirling?

Illustration of Asthma And Often Dizzy Swirling?
Illustration: Asthma And Often Dizzy Swirling?

Good night. My doctor wants to ask. I have a history of asthma, but I also often spin around after I was given the drug brand mertigo. Shortly after I drank suddenly I became very small. What will the other dangers that arise due to the influence of the drug ?. Please answer, thank you

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Hello Vadia, thank you for asking

The drug you are referring to is a trademark drug with the active ingredient betahistine. Where this drug is usually used to help reduce spinning dizzy conditions due to vertigo. This drug is included in the class of antihitsmain H3 which is useful for overcoming or alleviating symptoms of impaired organ balance that generally occurs in vertigo.

Each drug has different side effects and interactions. Including this drug, betahistine should be consumed in accordance with doctor's recommendations. Did you explain before taking this medicine to your doctor that you have a history of asthma? This drug may trigger shortness in some people with asthma. Therefore, before you take betahistine, tell your doctor that you have asthma riwayata.

In addition, if you are taking asthma medication, then this betahistini has interactions including reducing the effectiveness of asthma beta 2 agonist drugs, such as salbutamol and osmeterol.

In addition, here are some side reflexes that may arise after consuming betahistine, for example

Skin rash, or redness Itchy skin. Swelling of the face, lips, tongue and throat. Shortness of breath and difficulty swallowing. Headache. Nausea and vomiting. Stomach aches and bloating. If you complain of tightness when taking the drug you should stop using it and immediately seek help from the ER or the nearest hospital. To determine the cause of shortness that occurs to you is due to an asthma attack or due to side effects of betahistin such as an allergic reaction it requires a direct examination on you, in addition to tightness is also a medical emergency condition that requires immediate treatment.

That's all our answer, hopefully it's useful

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