Asthma And Pregnancy

Illustration of Asthma And Pregnancy
Illustration: Asthma And Pregnancy

Hello doc .. I am a woman in my 20s. I want to ask that I am 6weeks pregnant, but my asthma often recurs, I use a muscular inhaler to relieve my breathing, doc, what is the danger to my fetus if I use the muscular inhaler? If the danger of what drugs are good I use that do not harm my fetus. I am afraid that my fetus will be born later because there are abnormalities, because in the first trimester I often use the drug inhaler berotec. So how’s the dock?

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at The drug that you mentioned has phenoterol generic content, and according to the safety categorization of drugs for pregnant women, this drug is included in category C, where the safest are category A, then B, C, D, and finally X, where X is a drug that absolutely should not be given to pregnant women.

However, it should be understood that even though it is not Category A or the safest, drugs with categories other than X may still be given as long as the drug has been considered as the best choice, meaning that in your case, if you are not treated with asthma, you can use it. rather than letting your asthma continue to recur during pregnancy, because that's not good for the fetus.

Therefore, to find out if this drug is the best for your condition now, you need to discuss with your pulmonary doctor. We cannot give a definitive answer because we do not know your medical history and the results of your examination so far. By discussing with your pulmonary doctor and conveying that you are pregnant, your pulmonary doctor can determine which drugs have the least adverse effect on your pregnancy.

Regarding the condition of your own pregnancy, you must carry out routine checks to the obstetrician, so that detection can be done using ultrasound and immediately known if there are undue conditions. Thus, handling can be done as soon as possible. Meanwhile, keep a healthy lifestyle, avoid cigarette smoke, consume pregnancy supplements, get enough rest, and consume cooked food. So, hopefully answering your question.

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