Asthma Drug Dosage And Combination For Older People 37 Years?

Illustration of Asthma Drug Dosage And Combination For Older People 37 Years?
Illustration: Asthma Drug Dosage And Combination For Older People 37 Years?

In the afternoon … I want to ask, my husband is currently 37 years old, has a history of asthma, he usually uses ventolin spray and oral medications (dexamethason, 4mg salbutamol, ambroxol), then recently I just bought the OMRON NEC803 Compact Compressor. Nebulizer, I would like to ask, what is the dosage of the drug and the mixture for using this tool? whether with the 2.5 mg (ampoule) ventolin nebules, please explain, thank you very much in advance

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Hi Fitri,

Thank you for asking

It needs to be clarified, has your husband ever checked his complaints and was diagnosed with asthma? So, what kind of treatment do doctors recommend so that the complaints get better? Did the doctor recommend your husband to undergo steam therapy? Doesn't the doctor explain what medicine needs to be given and how to use it?

Asthma can be a disease that greatly limits the sufferer in activities because it causes shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezing which is quite disturbing. This condition arises from inflammation of the lower respiratory tract which causes the lumen diameter to narrow and more phlegm is produced. Usually, an asthma attack will occur when triggered by physical or psychological stress, exposure to cold air, contact with certain airborne substances (for example pollen, dust mites, animal fleas, hair, smoke, pollution), side effects of drugs, respiratory infections, or also due to reflux (backflow of stomach acid).

Management of asthma and its attacks can be done with a variety of approaches, depending on the origin and severity of the asthma. In this case, the doctor can provide drugs to relieve asthma attacks as well as drugs to control asthma so as not to experience recurring attacks. The selection of this type of drug should ideally be discussed directly with a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine, because most asthma drugs are not included in the over-the-counter drugs so they cannot be used carelessly without a doctor's prescription. For this reason, we are not authorized to explain to you the procedure for using the drug in an free forum like this.

We urge you to invite your husband to check his complaint directly to a doctor or an internal medicine specialist. If it is true that he is experiencing asthma, then the doctor will self-assess the severity as well as the best treatment that needs to be done. If evaporation is necessary, the doctor himself will teach you which drugs to give as well as the dosage and procedure for use.

What your husband needs to do at this time is:

When an asthma attack recurs: don't panic, move to a comfortable place, loosen clothes, use asthma attack suppressants (for example, sprays) as prescribed by your doctor, control your breath properly, calm yourself and your mind Avoid recurring asthma attacks, that is by way of : Stay away from triggers of asthma Get plenty of rest Avoid stress Get used to wash your hands and use a mask when you are in a dirty and polluting environment. Live a healthy diet. Sleep regularly. Exercise regularly every 1 to 2 days. Don't smoke.

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