Asthma Management?

Illustration of Asthma Management?
Illustration: Asthma Management?

I was discharged yesterday and 3 years ago had also been treated and the results were bronchitis, given medication but still coughing. Then from the last treatment given a swinghaler. The question is why is it often crowded and to breathe so hard? How to handle it? whereas not every time you can use a swinghaler.

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Asthma is a condition when the respiratory tract is inflamed and narrowed, causing shortness or difficulty breathing. This condition is a long-term condition, and is usually triggered by dust, stress, cold air, and fatigue. In your case, what needs to be understood is that asthma is not the same as shortness. If you have asthma, you can get stuffy, but if you have it, it's not necessarily because of asthma. So to straighten this out, you should check with your doctor.

This is because there are many other conditions besides asthma where symptoms such as tightness, such as:

Fluid buildup in the lungs
Tuberculosis infection

Heart Disorders

Anemia or lack of red blood cells
Stomach acid disease
Psychological disorders such as anxiety, fear, anger, and excessive sadness

And of course, these possibilities will be different handling. But if you have already been diagnosed with asthma by a pulmonary doctor, then as we said earlier, asthma is a chronic or long-term disease, which usually people with asthma, never really recover. When the trigger returns, the condition will recur again.

Then if you really have asthma, you need to know there are two types of medication for asthmatics, namely controllers and lozenges. Relief is given when the condition of asthma recurs to relieve breathing at that time, usually in the form of an inhaler, and a controller that is given regularly even when it does not recur, so that asthma is controlled and recurrence is less frequent. This controller must be used continuously regularly, so that you are not often tight and heavy when breathing. If you have used it well and regularly but still relapsed frequently, you should go back to your lung doctor to increase the dose.

So with all these possibilities, it is very important to know the right diagnosis, to be able to provide the right treatment. Therefore, if you are still unsure if you have asthma, consult a general practitioner first to see the tendency of the condition through a history and physical examination, and if you have been diagnosed with asthma by a lung doctor, visit the pulmonary doctor again for further treatment, generally in the form of increasing doses.

Meanwhile, avoid cigarette smoke, dust and pollution, maintain ideal body weight, exercise regularly, and consume healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit. So, hopefully answering your question.

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