Asthma Treatment That Has Happened Since Childhood?

Illustration of Asthma Treatment That Has Happened Since Childhood?
Illustration: Asthma Treatment That Has Happened Since Childhood?

, I have a history of asthma since childhood. In the past my asthma only recurred when my body just dropped, but now the intensity of the recurrence is very frequent even when doing daily activity also relapsing like walking too fast and far, even jogging can recur, etc. I am worried, I have consulted a doctor for 1 month but the diagnosis is uncertain. at home I already have ventolin inhalers and theobron but my asthma is getting worse

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Bronchial asthma is a hypersensitivity reaction of the body to a particular stimulation or allergen, which normally does not cause excessive effects. Stimulants or allergens are different for each person, and can be in the form of weather (cold / hot), certain particles (dust, pollen, cat fur), or certain foods (eggs, fish, crabs, shrimp, etc.). The diagnosis of bronchial asthma can be made based on symptoms, family history, physical examination, and investigations.

In its development, asthma can improve or become more frequent, and based on the frequency of recurrence, divided into:

Intermittent asthma: symptoms less than 1x per week, and less than 2x night / month symptoms Mild persistent asthma: symptoms more than 1x / week, but less than 1x / day, and more than 2x symptoms / month Moderate persistent asthma: symptoms every day , and night symptoms more than 1x / week Severe persistent asthma: persistent symptoms, frequent relapses, and frequent night symptoms Aside from the symptoms, asthma is also distinguished based on the results of additional examinations, such as spirometry. Likewise, the treatment, given according to the condition and severity of your disease. In addition to drugs to widen the airway as you mentioned, there are other medicines that can be given (only with a doctor's recommendation or advice), such as the glucocorticosteroid, anticholinergic, or adrenaline groups.

On the other hand, because the term asthma is often confused with shortness of breath (difficulty breathing / breathing frequency more than 24x / minute), you need to make sure that your illness is bronchial asthma, and not other diseases that can cause shortness of symptoms, such as lung infection lungs, complications of lung disease, kidney disease, and heart disease. Also consider the possibility that you have a combination of more than one disease (for example, asthma and lung infections, asthma with heart disease, etc.).

I advise you to check with an internist or pulmonary specialist, so that a more complete examination can be done. Because the same disease can manifest symptoms with different severity for each patient, even though you have never seen a doctor before, or have done treatment but has not improved, your experience can be further information for the doctor who treats you to make a definitive diagnosis on you, by carrying out other checks that are needed, such as radiology, blood laboratories, spirometry, etc., and adjust the dosage of treatment according to your current condition.

Things you can do are:

Practicing breathing, by taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly Identifying allergens / shortness of triggers Avoiding allergens, such as using masks (dust allergies), or jackets (cold allergies), etc. Keeping your nutritional and fluid needs met. Get plenty of rest Avoid stress. So, hopefully it can be useful.

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