Asymmetrical Face Shape And Shifted Jaw?

Illustration of Asymmetrical Face Shape And Shifted Jaw?
Illustration: Asymmetrical Face Shape And Shifted Jaw?

Afternoon, for several months now, I feel that when I look in my face, my face is not symmetrical, my right cheek position is bigger than the left one, and my lips are tilted to the lower left, my eyebrows are high, left and my jaw is also cracking when I move to right and left or when you open the lid, why is this? Is it because the jaw is shifting? The thing is I have also experienced falling off the motorbike, the back of my ear which is bleeding with my hand which is holding but there is no pain in my face. Now I feel like migraine often, is this the effect of falling from the motor? Then did my jaw slide? And how is the solution? Thank you in advance..

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Hello نور عين البرون,

Thank you for the question.

Many factors can cause the shape of the face to be asymmetrical between right and left, one of which is due to a disruption in the jaw joint. Triggering jaw joint disorders itself can be many, not only injuries, but can also be due to genetic disorders (from birth), the habit of chewing unbalanced food using only one side of the teeth, arthritis, or side effects from certain medical procedures. This jaw joint disorder, in addition to causing the face to become asymmetrical, feels pain or tingling around the jaw or other parts of the head, can also cause you difficulty in closing your mouth, chewing food, sounding when opening the jaw, and many other complaints appear.

Apart from the disruption of the jaw, the shape of your face becomes asymmetrical can also be caused by other factors, such as Bell's palsy, stroke, tumors around the face, side effects of certain surgical procedures, inflammation in the face or head area, leprosy, and so on.

You can check your condition directly to the doctor so that assessment can be carried out objectively. With direct inspection, coupled with radiological examinations, such as x-rays or CT scans, doctors are usually able to give you the right treatment.

For the time being, if your jaw or head feels painful, you can first compress the affected area with warm water, or take the paracetamol medication to reduce the pain. Do not forget, multiply also rest, chew food on both sides of the teeth in a balanced manner (right and left), do not always open your mouth too wide (for example when talking, laughing, or yawning), and do not just give any treatment to your condition without consultation first see a doctor. Later, if deemed necessary, the doctor may direct you to a surgeon for further treatment.

Hope this helps ...

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