At What Age Can Fetal Movement Be Felt?

Illustration of At What Age Can Fetal Movement Be Felt?
Illustration: At What Age Can Fetal Movement Be Felt?

Morning. What age is normal fetal movement at? My birth age is 4 months, but she is already very active and I often experience sore calves and itchy areas. Please explain. Thank you

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Hello Noerzhiemah,

Normal fetal movement that can be felt by the mother usually starts from 18-20 weeks of gestation. Some people feel it earlier at 13-16 weeks of age. This sensation of fetal movement is called quickening. Quickening can be felt due to stronger fetal movements. At a younger age, 9 weeks, the fetus is able to move its limbs, suck fingers. At 10 weeks, the fetus can open and close its mouth. At 12 weeks, the fetus can begin to stretch. The older the fetus is, the movements that are done will begin to be varied and strong so that the mother can feel it. Fetal movements at> 28 weeks of gestation can reach 30 times / 1 hour. Slowed or lost fetal movements can indicate abnormalities in pregnancy / fetal death.

Pain in the calves during pregnancy can be caused due to the larger size of the uterus and putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. The complaints that arise are pain or cramps from the buttocks, thighs, calves, to the feet. A large uterus can also press on the blood vessels that supply blood to the legs, resulting in poor circulation causing cramps in the legs. Pain will usually appear more frequently as the pregnancy gets bigger. Another cause of pain to be aware of is deep vein thrombosis. Some things that can reduce pain during pregnancy are doing stretching or gymnastics (adjusted for pregnant conditions), avoiding sitting with too long folded legs, foot massage, using leg stockings.

In pregnancy, mild vaginal itching may appear. This can be caused by increased blood supply to the skin and stretching of the skin. What must be considered is whether the itching is accompanied by swelling in the vagina, is it accompanied by lumps / warts around the genitals, whether there is a lot of vaginal discharge, itching, and smell, whether itching appears only around the vagina or all over the body. Some of the causes of vaginal itching are skin irritation (due to underwear, pantyliners, feminine soap), vaginitis due to fungal or bacterial infections, obstetric cholestasis. Pregnant women who experience vaginal itching should change their underwear more often, use underwear with a material that absorbs sweat and is cool, not rubbing cream carelessly, temporarily avoiding feminine cleansing soap, drying after finishing wiping. If the complaints during your pregnancy increase and then interfere with activity, fetal movement is less than usual, calf pain is followed by difficulty walking or even can't move your legs, you should immediately go to an obstetrician. The doctor will perform a physical examination of the stomach and genitals, ultrasound examination to check the condition of the fetus, and other supporting examinations such as a blood laboratory to see if an infection is present or not.

That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it's useful.

Dr. Saphira Evani

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