At What Age Children Can Chew?

Illustration of At What Age Children Can Chew?
Illustration: At What Age Children Can Chew?

Good evening, I want to ask my child at 11 months, if he eats everything, he wants to swallow it, just why, if you eat kox often you just simply don’t chew it, so sometimes if you eat like vomiting, what is the solution so my child can chew unfortunately even though my child is everything what kind of food he wants

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Coordination of chewing movements in infants generally develops as they approach one year of age. At this age, babies begin to be able to move their food from the middle of the tongue to the edge, chew it, and then return it back to the middle of the tongue. Babies who already have front teeth can already bite their food, but they may not be able to chew and grind their food effectively into pieces. small pieces until the molars grow. First molars generally grow after 12-18 months. However, you do not need to worry if the child has not chewed because his molars have not yet grown, because moving his food to the side and center and moving his jaw is the first stage of chewing.

Apart from age and tooth factors, there are several other reasons why children may not chew their food, such as the texture of food that is too soft so the child is not encouraged to chew food, or even too hard so the child is lazy to chew, is having problems in his mouth (such as teething) which causes painful gums, canker sores, etc.), babies get bored with their food, late in introducing solid foods, sensory disorders, and so on.

Here are some tips we can give to stimulate chewing movements in infants:

if at this time you still provide food with a very fine texture, increase the texture of food gradually. At the age of 11 months, babies are generally able to eat the same food as adults, but in smaller pieces.
show the child how to chew food, let your baby touch your jaw as you chew, so that he can feel your mouth moving up and down. Then give food that can be swallowed without chewing (like mashed potatoes), give it in small quantities then ask your baby to follow the example of chewing the food following you
give food when the baby is hungry
teach children to swallow food slowly
give praise when your baby chews his food

Do not hesitate to consult with your pediatrician, especially if your baby starts experiencing weight gain that does not increase significantly.

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