At What Gestational Age For USD 4D?

Illustration of At What Gestational Age For USD 4D?
Illustration: At What Gestational Age For USD 4D?

Good afternoon doc … What is the 4D ultrasound for gestational age? thank you

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Radiological examinations such as ultrasound in pregnancy have a variety of uses, including assessing fetal growth, fetal position, predicting fetal weight and size, observing the condition and location of the placenta, assessing the adequacy of amniotic fluid, detecting fetal defects, and so on. From the results of the USG assessment, the doctor can determine the handling steps that must be taken to maintain the health of the mother and fetus. Ideally, during pregnancy, an ultrasound is performed every time a pre-natal check-up visit, which is once a month at 1 to 7 months of gestation, 2 times a week at 8 months of gestation, and once a week starting at 9 months of gestation until the time for delivery . However, if there are obstacles in its implementation, at least, an ultrasound examination can be done as much as 4 times during pregnancy, namely 1 time in the first trimester, 1 time in the second trimester, and 2 times in the third trimester.

There are no specific recommendations, how many dimensions should be done early USG. In fact, even with a good doctor's competence, even two-dimensional ultrasound can provide a good picture in assessing a person's pregnancy condition. But indeed, with 3-dimensional ultrasound, let alone 4 dimensions, the condition of pregnancy can be observed more easily and in more detail. You can do this 4-dimensional ultrasound at any time, even when the size of the fetus is still very small (around 8 weeks or more) to approach delivery. Better, you consult directly with your doctor or obstetrician who treats you so that the method of pregnancy check that best suits your condition is chosen, right?

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