Atopic Eczema Which Recurs Frequently And Never Heals

Hello, I have eczema up to 6 years old and it still recurs frequently. I have never been to a skin specialist but until now I have not healed well. And for the alternative, I use cinolon-n ointment. Am I addicted to that drug? please enlighten me. Thank you

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Atopic eczema is a skin disease characterized by red itching that feels itchy especially at night. Rashes on the skin can develop into thick, even scaly skin.

Not yet known the exact cause of this disease but several factors play an important role in the emergence of the disease. Some of these factors are:

Heredity / genetic
Certain foods
The weather is like cold
Animal fur
Clothing materials used, and so on

To handle this, a number of things can be done including:

Maintain healthy skin so it does not develop into a secondary infection
Avoid the triggers of eczema
Control stress well
Use warm clothes if cold weather aggravates complaints

Regarding your question, complaints may arise even if you have used certain drugs if trigger factors such as food, animal fur, cold weather, stress, etc. are not avoided. The use of drugs on their own initiative, especially ointments are also not recommended before checking by a doctor. The doctor must conduct an examination to determine the type, dosage, and method of using a drug. The drug that you are using right now is a drug that contains antibiotics and corticosteroids where the drug should be used according to doctor's instructions. Therefore if you experience persistent or severe symptoms it is recommended that you see your dermatologist.

For more detailed information about your questions discussed in this article.

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