Autism And The Desire For Social Isolation?

Illustration of Autism And The Desire For Social Isolation?
Illustration: Autism And The Desire For Social Isolation?

Hello, I’m Yola. I have previously asked here about other mild autism syndromes. I attended semester 2 in law, I felt very insecure and nobody understood me. For some reason I felt very different and finally I did social isolation. Even in organizations, I almost give up, because I can’t manage that well. I also almost gave up on life, but I wanted to stay alive. It is very difficult to understand people’s instructions socially and actually understand others themselves. I myself had the thought to move again, but I knew that was not the right choice. Are there any suggestions to make me get back up? And are there suggestions for social therapy, or other therapies so that I can understand people and organizational structures?

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Hello Yola, Thank you for the question.

Have these symptoms occurred since you were children? Have your parents ever consulted with a pediatrician about this and are said to have autism? Autism or austral spectrum diorder (ASD) is a disorder of brain development that causes a child to experience behavioral disorders, communication disorders, and social problems. In most patients, symptoms will appear at the age of 2 years. Some autism sufferers will lose the ability to speak or even not be able to speak at all. In addition, sufferers can also experience symptoms:

does not respond when called
unable to express emotions and not sensitive to the feelings of others
avoid eye contact
often repeat words
prefer to be alone
tend not to understand the question
reluctant to talk
avoid physical contact with others
routinely undergo certain activities
do repetitive / repetitive movements
abnormalities in body sikan or body movements

Your complaint is not necessarily caused by autism. Some causes of complaints that you submit are depression, schizoid personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, and avoidance personality disorder. To ascertain the cause of your complaint, you should consult with a psychiatrist / psychiatrist first. The doctor asks you about this complaint to better understand your condition and examine you. After knowing the cause, the new doctor can provide further treatment such as psychological therapy and drugs. If you want to undergo therapy, of course it must be under the guidance of experts so that the therapeutic goals are achieved. You can still try to participate in some social activities to familiarize yourself with the interaction and social environment; You can start to join activities with other people who do things that you like like your hobbies.

Please also read the following article: Personality disorder that likes to be alone

Hopefully this information is useful.

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