BAB Accompanied By Blood?

Illustration of BAB Accompanied By Blood?
Illustration: BAB Accompanied By Blood?

Good evening, I recently defecated suddenly with red liquid blood that came out .. I was very scared, because this is only my first time. What illness did I experience and how was the solution?

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There are 2 types of bloody bowel movements, namely:
1. When blood is dark in color (ie brownish to black) it is called melena, the source of bleeding caused by a disturbance in the upper gastrointestinal tract or minimal bleeding in the lower gastrointestinal tract. The blood turns dark due to mixing with stomach acid and / or decomposing by E. coli bacteria.
2. If the blood is bright red and fresh, it is called hematokezia, where the bleeding is from the lower gastrointestinal organs or bleeding from the upper gastrointestinal tract in large quantities. Bright colored blood and fresh because it does not decompose by intestinal bacteria and does not react with stomach acid.
From the complaints that you mentioned, namely the red bloody stools, can be caused by upper and lower gastrointestinal bleeding. The most common causes are:
1. Hemorrhoid or hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids. Is a rupture of veins dilated in the anus. Dilated blood vessels are triggered by the habit of straining due to constipation, pregnancy, frequent and strong barking, frequent and strong sneezing, strong crying habits in children and others.
2. Anal laceration is a torn anal. Can be caused by forcibly inserting objects into the anus, traumatized fall astride, due to the habit of scratching and others.
3. Intestinal disorders, such as khorn disease, ulcerative colitis and others.
You should ascertain whether your BAB is true in blood or not blood. Chapter like bleeding can occur due to consuming certain foods, such as red dragon fruit, black sticky rice and others. If you are in doubt, consult the nearest doctor. The doctor will conduct a medical interview and physical examination, if needed the doctor will do a digital rectal. The doctor will also carry out the necessary supporting examinations, such as a laboratory stool examination.
Meanwhile, you consume a lot of water and fibrous foods. To defecate smoothly and you do not need to push. Avoid scratching the anus.
Thus hopefully useful.

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