BAB Accompanied By Fluid After Surgery Hirschsprung’s Disease?

Illustration of BAB Accompanied By Fluid After Surgery Hirschsprung’s Disease?
Illustration: BAB Accompanied By Fluid After Surgery Hirschsprung’s Disease?

want to ask. my son aged 7 months after the closing of the colostomy, with the initial diagnosis of megacolon, it turns out that all of my child’s large intestine has nerve death so that the small intestine must be connected to the anus. . will this take place if my child is already eating solid, right now it is still breast milk … what kind of food should be given?

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Conditions where nerve cells in the large intestine are not formed properly, causing the large intestine to not be able to contract to channel food bolus to the rectum, can be classified as Hirschprung's disease. This condition is not yet clear the exact cause until now. However, much literature suggests that this condition is closely related to genetic mutations triggered by heredity. Male babies, who have a history of close relatives with Hirschprung's disease, or who also have other birth pox, such as Down syndrome or congenital heart disease, are far more at risk of developing this disease. As a result of neurological disorders in the large intestine, the baby will have difficulty defecating, difficult to defecate, diarrhea, vomiting, bulging stomach, and looks weak and very painful. This condition needs to be treated immediately to prevent potential dangerous complications, for example enterocolitis (intestinal infection).

The definitive treatment for sufferers of Hirschprung's disease is done by surgery. This operation is usually done in several stages, namely to cut the problematic segment of the large intestine, make a hole out of the stool in the stomach connected to the small intestine (stoma formation), connect the rest of the large intestine or rectum with the small intestine that was previously connected to the stoma, then close stoma.

As a result of the cut off of the large intestine, indeed the process of absorption of fluids and food juices is shorter, so that after surgery, babies will be more prone to diarrhea (liquid and frequent bowel movements) or even constipation (difficult bowel movements). This condition is not always dangerous. Slowly, babies can usually adapt to this, so the complaints will improve slowly. However, if this diarrhea appears prolonged (up to more than 2 weeks) with a very frequent intensity (more than 10 times a day), or appears accompanied by bloody bowel movements, fever, distended stomach, and also vomiting, you should be vigilant. It is feared, this condition is a sign of enterocolitis that needs to be treated immediately.

You can check your baby directly to the doctor, pediatrician, or pediatric surgery specialist so that a more in-depth evaluation related to the condition. The doctor will also tell you what eating patterns are good for your baby to live. Here are some of our initial suggestions:

Train your baby to eat little by little, not immediately much
Give him a balanced nutritional value of food, including meat, poultry, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and whole grains
Don't overfeed baby food or instant drinks
Make sure the food and drinks consumed by the baby are hygienically processed
Give him plenty to drink
Encourage babies to actively move and play
Do not carelessly give babies drugs, including anti-diarrhea drugs

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