BAB Bleed And Then Shivered.?

Illustration of BAB Bleed And Then Shivered.?
Illustration: BAB Bleed And Then Shivered.?

Hello. I want to ask. these last months after the chapter always feel sore, so often the chapter bleeds, but sometimes also not at all. when my chapter bled, I was nothing like a normal chapter. but Saturday night the chapter a few hours later I wanted to sleep my body was shivering hot and dizzy, then the next day I woke up normally just dizzy and limp, I guess because of the effects of the weather that was raining. but the next day at noon I continue again a few hours later I was shivering again hot and dizzy, even though it was not raining and I did not feel cold before. I slept a few hours ago my body used to come back, just feeling hot and sweaty. my mind because I was tired coming home at dusk so I was shivering, but right the second time in the afternoon the weather was hot and thought I was shivering a few hours after I chapted? I wonder why?

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at Complaints that you experience are actually more likely to occur because of two conditions that occur together or close to each other than one disease that is related to each other. Because the distance from the first time you defecated to the moment you felt a shivering complaint and so on was quite far, the possibility of the two being related became small. However, among the possibilities are:

Constipation Hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids Injury to the intestine Inflammation of the intestine Gastrointestinal infections Viral infections Symptoms of colds

And there are still a number of other causes depending on the results of a history and physical examination. Our advice, with your having experienced complaints of defecation for months, though not continuously, it's time for you to see your doctor for further treatment. You should check with your general practitioner first to get an initial examination so that later you can be directed whether you should be treated by an internist, an immunologist or a surgeon for his complaint.

Meanwhile, multiply the consumption of water, fruits and vegetables, do not push too much, do not lift heavy loads, defecate in a squatting position, maintain ideal body weight, exercise regularly, and immediately check yourself. So, hopefully answering your question.

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