BAB Exclusive Breast Milk Only Once Every 3 Days?

Illustration of BAB Exclusive Breast Milk Only Once Every 3 Days?
Illustration: BAB Exclusive Breast Milk Only Once Every 3 Days?

Tonight … I Eka want to ask .. r n My baby is exclusive, chapters are not every day too, sometimes it can be once every 3 days / more mules or what do I do? r nStill classified as normal or what? r nThank you in advance

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We understand your complaints and concerns. Previously we need to find out information regarding how many months of age your child is. Frequency and consistency of bowel movements in infants have different variations between babies. Normally newborns until the age of two months who are still exclusively breastfed tend to excrete stools more often (between 3 to 10 times per day) which are more liquid, yellow in color, smell sour and sometimes foam / foam. This is due to the reflex gastrokolika is still quite high, so that when the stomach is filled with milk, the large intestine will be immediately stimulated to immediately process it and expel it. The existence of froth and sour odor in baby's stool is normal because the baby's intestine is not functioning properly so that the process of lactose / milk sugar metabolism is not digested properly. As we get older, the frequency of chapters will be increasingly rare. This is because the baby's digestive function can develop properly and digestive enzymes are able to process food. Gastrocholic reflex decreases so that the frequency of chapters becomes increasingly reduced. As you get older, the stool consistency will change. Stool that will solidify like a paste can occur because water absorption is high enough in the large intestine so that the stool consistency becomes softer.

Conditions of dehydration or lack of incoming fluid can also lead to difficulty defecating in infants. In addition, infants who consume formula milk are more often found to be cases of difficulty in defecation than babies who are exclusively breastfed.

Regarding your complaint, you should not worry first. Often this problem is normal in some babies because the digestive tract is growing. However, you still need to evaluate your baby for possible constipation or other signs of illness. Constipation / constipation is a condition where it is difficult to pass stool, which is marked by the release of small stools such as goat droppings and makes the baby push hard so that the anus often bleeds. If these conditions are found, such as babies wanting chapters but difficult to push because of the rigidity of stool should be checked immediately to the nearest doctor.

It is rather difficult to judge whether babies experience abdominal pain or indigestion, because their mode of communication can only be guessed by crying. Infantile colic is an abdominal pain that occurs in children under the age of 4 years, often characterized by loud and sudden crying, can be followed by vomiting afterwards or other signs such as diarrhea. Therefore, it is not certain that your baby has heartburn or stomach pain. If the baby is not fussy, wants to drink enough milk, can sleep peacefully, gain weight according to age then you don't need to worry.

Because your baby still consumes exclusive breastfeeding, the following things you can do at home to help improve your baby's condition, include:

Doing a baby's stomach massage, can help stimulate the bowel movement of the baby. Massage ILU from top right to bottom, then right to left forming an inverted L, and right to left forming an inverted U. Do it gently when the baby is relaxed
Adequate baby's fluid needs by continuing to breastfeed
Avoid giving food in any form to babies less than 6 months

If the above treatment is not enough to help and your baby hasn't been defecating for more than 2 weeks, then you should consult your nearest pediatrician. So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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