BAB In Liquid And Yellowish Brown Baby?

Illustration of BAB In Liquid And Yellowish Brown Baby?
Illustration: BAB In Liquid And Yellowish Brown Baby?

my child is 3 months old .. drink formula milk..CHAPTER one time a day but the liquid is yellowish brown almost like the color of mustard .. is it still normal or not? The thing is that only in the last few days the chapter has become so unrelated before.

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Hello Ratna,

Thank you for the question.

Liquid baby's feces, provided they do not occur more than 3 times a day, do not contain blood or mucus, and do not also appear accompanied by bloating, vomiting, frequent belching, frequent bowel movements, or colic often are not dangerous conditions. Most likely, this liquid stool is the impact of formula milk that your baby consumes. Indeed, ideally, babies who are not yet 6 months old are only given breast milk as a source of nutrition. Early formula feeding is very risky for the baby to have a defecation.

You should never worry too much about your baby's condition. First overcome the condition by:

Try to do relactation (breastfeeding again), unless you have breastfeeding problems, for example because you suffer from certain diseases that can be transmitted through breast milk
Ask to go to the clinic for assistance if it is difficult to do relactation independently
In the meantime, while waiting for the success of relactation, you can first give your baby formula milk, only choose what is recommended by the pediatrician, and make according to the manufacturing recommendations listed on the packaging
Also make sure, when you dissolve formula, you use boiled water and good quality
Avoid giving your baby stale milk
Make sure you take care of your baby's hygiene, as well as the surrounding environment
Not always giving babies any food too early
Not also giving babies any drugs

However, if within 1 week your baby's condition does not improve, or other complaints appear as mentioned above, it's good that you still check your baby to the doctor or pediatrician so that it is handled properly according to the cause, yes. It could be, in addition because normal due to the influence of milk, your baby's complaints indicate a digestive problem, such as intolerance, malabsorption, infection, inflammation of the intestine, allergies, and so on.

I hope this helps.

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