BAB Is Deep Red?

Illustration of BAB Is Deep Red?
Illustration: BAB Is Deep Red?

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Basically handling tumors is not as easy and not as flexible as a disease that is not so serious. Here, of course, doctors have their own considerations regarding the decision to delay surgery on your father. There are 2 possible reasons why your doctor will delay your father's surgery, including:

your father's condition is still unstable: an unstable condition is certainly very risky if surgery is performed, because surgery will cause the body to lose a lot of blood, while platelets also go down and this is very susceptible to bleeding that does not stop because platelets as pieces of blood as a barrier to bleeding in quite low levels.
tumor condition suspected as malignant cancer: because in malignant cancer, the act of taking mass is also very risky causing malignant cells to move or metastasis to other places and this will endanger your father's condition.

Our advice is that you should consult directly with the doctor who treats him, because the treating doctor certainly has a special reason why the operation will not be performed. It's just that if conditions such as now forced to do surgery, the risk of danger is quite high and not comparable with the benefits obtained. So that we can convey, hopefully help. That's all

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