BAB Normal Baby At The Age Of 3 Weeks?

Illustration of BAB Normal Baby At The Age Of 3 Weeks?
Illustration: BAB Normal Baby At The Age Of 3 Weeks?

Hello … I have a 3 week old child … and so far he has always been breastfed by his mother and sometimes formula milk but only about 3 times a day at the most consumes formula milk … what I ask when the BAB is liquid and yellow and many and can be up to 5 times a day is that normal?

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Hello Rizki Fadillah,

Thank you for the question.

In general up to the age of six weeks, babies who are breastfed will defecate about 2-5 times per day, or even may defecate every 2-5 days. That is because the baby's digestive system is still not fully developed and still absorbs nutrients from breast milk, so it takes time for the baby to have a fixed bowel movement pattern, at least until the age of 6 weeks. For babies who are given ASI, the stool will generally be golden yellow to brownish yellow, while if the baby is given formula milk too, the stool can also be golden brown or greenish, and slightly harder than babies with only breast milk consumption.

However, there are some things that need to be considered from the CHAPTER pattern of babies getting breast milk and formula milk, because if there is an abnormality, it can be a sign of a condition, such as diarrhea, milk allergy, or lactose intolerance. Contact your pediatrician immediately if any of these things occur, such as:

 CHAPTER more than a number of babies drink breast milk or formula milk. BAB is gray like putty, or pale, white, reddish, or black. BAB contains blood or mucus. Babies experience symptoms such as vomiting, look thirsty or do not want to suckle, continue to fuss, or appear weak and inactive. Here are tips you can do to reduce these complaints:

 Change formula milk if there are indications of allergies. Clean and change diapers regularly to reduce moisture and prevent the risk of diaper rash. Maintain the cleanliness of baby drinking equipment. Inadequate milk needs every day. Hope this helps.


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