Babies 16 Months Fever 3 Days?

Illustration of Babies 16 Months Fever 3 Days?
Illustration: Babies 16 Months Fever 3 Days?

Good morning. My child is 16 months old and weighs 9.2kg, has had fever fluctuating for 3 days, and each time he has a high fever up to 39.2 ° C. My child is having difficulty eating and his body is small. What are the characteristics of bronchitis? Because the weather is often hot and hot, sometimes every time my child sleeps I turn on the fan with a distance of 3 meters. Is that dangerous? How to use the right fan for babies? thanks.

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Good afternoon Ms. Yasna Ameera Thank you for consulting

Regarding the fever experienced by the child ibi whether the fever is accompanied by shortness of breath or cough? Or are there other symptoms such as nausea or vomiting or bowel movements or constipation? Do you have a complete history of immunizations? Has there been any history of illness before?

Associated with a fever that is felt several things that might be the cause is

- Respiratory tract infections are usually fever accompanied by symptoms of coughing, shortness of breath, nasal breathing looks flattened, breath sounds. Can be accompanied by colds and phlegm.
- Dengue fever is a fever due to dengue virus infection, the symptoms are high fever, the child looks weak and sometimes aches in the muscles that appear when sometimes the child is held up feeling sick, spots on the skin, can be accompanied by nosebleeds or bleeding gums
- Typhoid fever is a fever due to bacterial infection which is usually accompanied by symptoms in the digestive tract.

Related to fever when it has been 3 days should consult a doctor sometimes further testing with a laboratory is needed. To make the diagnosis so that treatment will be appropriate. The thing to do at home is

- Must meet fluid needs so that it does not fall into dehydration
- Rest enough children
- Nutrition must still be given a little and often
- Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke or pollution

For the use of a fan, it should not be confronted directly with your child to prevent symptoms such as body discomfort and bloating.

regarding the use of fans can be read further in the following article

That's the thing we can say. May be useful. Thank you

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