Babies Aged 1 Month Often Defecate?

Illustration of Babies Aged 1 Month Often Defecate?
Illustration: Babies Aged 1 Month Often Defecate? Bing

, I mu ask my son just stepped on a month but often chapters are normal or not.

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BAB in 1 month baby depends on the food intake. Infants who consume breast milk tend to have fewer bowel movements than babies who consume formula milk. If the diarrhea experienced by your child appears when your baby consumes formula milk, it is likely that your child has an allergy or hypersensitivity to the proteins contained in cow's milk.

The first alternative you can do is to replace formula milk with low-lactose milk. In addition, you should continue to breastfeed your child whenever your child wants. The more often the child breastfeeds directly to his mother, the more milk production will be.

But apart from the effects of formula milk, you also need to think about other possible causes of diarrhea in the mother's child. Is it due to a viral/bacterial/parasitic infection? When you give formula milk in a bottle, you still have to pay attention to the cleanliness of the equipment used. Is it washed and sterilized properly? Because a child who consumes milk by using a bottle, also has a higher potential for diarrhea.

It should be noted that if the feces are not all water, and do not have a distinct (stinging) odor, this can still be considered normal. Especially in the stomach of a 1 month old baby, of course, digestion is still not too smooth. However, if the bowel movements become more frequent and fluid, immediately consult a pediatrician. At the age of 1 month, children are very susceptible to dehydration. In addition, digestion that has not been good can cause continuous bowel disorders.

Click the article below for more details: Diarrhea in babies

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