Babies Aged 2.5 Months Drink Formula Milk And Only Defecate Once A Day?

Illustration of Babies Aged 2.5 Months Drink Formula Milk And Only Defecate Once A Day?
Illustration: Babies Aged 2.5 Months Drink Formula Milk And Only Defecate Once A Day?

, I want to ask, my child is 2 months after birth, drinking formula milk, because my child is difficult to breastfeed, and maybe he doesn’t like breasts that don’t have nipples like mine. So I gave the formula S26 Gold. But defecating once a day, even once every 2 days, is it safe? I gave her SGM milk, but I often defecated, even if she had diarrhea. So what. ? What is the right kind of milk for me to give ????

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Hi Vierha,

Thank you for asking

The condition of the inverted nipple is often one of the obstacles to breastfeeding. In fact, with good handling, breastfeeding is not an impossible thing. Many mothers with inverted nipples continue to successfully breastfeed their babies with breast milk until they are 2 years old, or even more.

Ideally, giving formula milk to babies should only be done in urgent conditions, for example if the mother experiences certain illnesses that prevent her from breastfeeding, the mother dies, or other conditions where a suitable donor of breast milk has not been found to substitute it. In addition, giving formula milk should also be done on the recommendation directly from a doctor. Because, each baby needs different milk needs and cannot be generalized.

BABY CHAPTER pattern that occurs every 1 to 2 days does not necessarily indicate a disorder. This can be normal as long as there are no other accompanying complaints, such as loose stools, colic, nausea, vomiting, bloody stools, or nutritional status disorders. However, if you still don't breastfeed your baby, it is feared that your baby will be more at risk of various health problems, ranging from digestive disorders, susceptibility to infection, prone to choking, allergies, and so on.

Therefore, instead of thinking about what kind of formula is most suitable for your baby, we strongly urge you to focus on relactation (breastfeeding again). Here are the steps you can take:

Consult a pediatrician who specializes in the type of formula milk that is most suitable for your baby while waiting for the relactation process to be successful
Overcome the nipple that goes in by:

Be diligent in doing breast massage
Press the nipple using the forefinger and thumb while slowly turning it clockwise and pulling outward
Use a special tool to pull the nipple out (many are sold in mother and baby stores)

Stop giving formula milk using a pacifier, replace it with a spoon or cupfeeder
Feed your baby straight from the breast as often as possible
Gradually reduce the frequency and volume of formula feeding and increase the frequency of breastfeeding
Empty the breasts frequently, either by feeding them to the baby or expressing them every 2 hours to maintain production
Drink more, eat a balanced nutritious diet, and stay away from stress so that breast milk production is always stable

If the steps above haven't worked, immediately consult a lactation consultant doctor at the nearest health facility.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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