Babies Aged 3 Months Have A Habit Of Crying Before Bedtime?

Illustration of Babies Aged 3 Months Have A Habit Of Crying Before Bedtime?
Illustration: Babies Aged 3 Months Have A Habit Of Crying Before Bedtime?

Hello Doctor, introduce me Dinda. I have a baby aged 3 months 7 days .. My child often cries when he wants to sleep or want to sleep. Given nen not wanting to, even carrying it and crying even louder until sometimes he coughs because of that crying. R nIs it natural for a baby to cry so often and until that loud cry?

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From the information you have conveyed, the habit of a 3 month old baby who often cries before bed or when he wants to sleep, may be caused by the baby's uncomfortable body condition. The crying baby that you hear is a sign of a certain condition occurring in your baby's body system. Complaints that often cause babies to be restless and often cry are:

1. flatulence or discomfort

2. early diarrhea

3. Redness of the buttocks

4. redness in the area around the genitals

5. inflammation of the oral cavity

6. fever

7. Nasal congestion or respiratory problems

8. Your baby is thirsty

Therefore, for initial conditions, you can evaluate some of the possibilities above. In addition, if your baby's condition is getting more restless, you can immediately consult your family doctor or your pediatrician. The doctor will conduct an examination and evaluation of complaints that may disturb your baby's comfort. So, if treatment is needed, the doctor will provide treatment according to the results of the examination obtained.

What you can do is continue to provide exclusive breastfeeding according to your baby's needs. And avoid giving any food other than breast milk, as this can make your baby restless.

That's the info we can convey, also read 8-ways-to-calm-your-baby.

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