Babies Aged 4 Days Are Liquid After Breastfeeding Mothers Consume Spicy Foods?

Illustration of Babies Aged 4 Days Are Liquid After Breastfeeding Mothers Consume Spicy Foods?
Illustration: Babies Aged 4 Days Are Liquid After Breastfeeding Mothers Consume Spicy Foods?

why did my baby keep diarrhea since yesterday because I eat spicy food … I eat meatballs using sauce … the problem is to not be surprised to the parents … but so the diarrhea … how do I?

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Hi Amanda,

Thank you for asking

Little or much of the content of the food or drink that the mother consumes while breastfeeding can indeed affect the quality of breast milk and indirectly affect the health of the baby you are breastfeeding.

In general, consuming spicy food while breastfeeding is not dangerous. However, if this spicy food is consumed in excess, it is possible that this can trigger diarrhea in the baby you are breastfeeding. It could also happen that the food you eat is not processed hygienically.

Apart from the food factors you consume, your baby may also experience diarrhea due to other causes, such as diverticulitis (inflammation of the abnormal bulge in the intestine), intussusception (intestine that infiltrates another segment of the intestine), volvulus (twisted intestine), Crohn's disease ( chronic colitis), and so on.

You also need to know that diarrhea in infants who consume exclusive breastfeeding does not always indicate a disorder. In the early days of life, babies often experience physiological diarrhea as a result of their very sensitive digestion. As long as your baby's defecation does not occur more than 5 times a day, is not accompanied by blood or mucus in the stool, and is not accompanied by other complaints, such as vomiting, fever, colic, a hard stomach, or lazy breastfeeding, the possibility that the condition he is experiencing is still normal and not. dangerous.

You can do the following tips first:

Continue to breastfeed your baby exclusively breastfeeding every time he asks him to breastfeed the baby on one side until it runs out, then switch to the other breast Clean your breasts and wash your hands before and after each feeding If you express your milk, make sure you store it properly in a safe container. Be sterile before giving it to babies Pay attention to the food you eat, avoid eating excess spicy food, snacks at random, and undercooked or raw foods Improve the quality of your breast milk by drinking lots and eating nutritious foods Keep your baby's hands and objects in contact with them clean. occurs very massively or appears accompanied by danger signs as mentioned above, you should check it directly with a doctor for further treatment yes ..

Diarrhea in babies

Nutrition of nursing mothers

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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