Babies Are Liquid After The Mother Has Fasted?

Illustration of Babies Are Liquid After The Mother Has Fasted?
Illustration: Babies Are Liquid After The Mother Has Fasted?

In the afternoon, I want to ask if I’m fasting for 1 week after one week, the dde has diarrhea and now he’s healed again, if for example, if you’re fasting, can you?

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Hello Anha,

Do you mean that right now you are breastfeeding and then fasting and your baby yesterday had diarrhea? I will explain about these conditions, if what you mean is something else, please make the question back in more detail.

In general, there is no prohibition for breastfeeding mothers to fast as long as they are able to fast. Here are some tips that can be done for breastfeeding mothers who are fasting:

Sahur and iftar with healthy and nutritious foods, for example dates, honey, broccoli, spinach, katuk, eggs, lean meat, and kidney beans Fulfill your fluid needs during fasting, for example drinking 3 glasses of water at dawn, 3 glasses at breaking the fast, and 2 glasses while going to bed Take supplements for breastfeeding mothers if necessary. Pump the breast milk and if you feel less milk production during fasting, you can give your baby ASIP / breast milk that has been previously expressed, alternating between ASIP and direct breast feeding Do not force yourself when fasting If the baby is still under 6 months or is still exclusively breastfed and has a special medical condition, consult your pediatrician first. In your condition, you can try to start fasting again by applying the tips above, the most important thing is to maintain daily fluid and nutritional intake and keep the baby hydrated.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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