Babies Cough With Colds And Vomit After Eating Is Corona?

Illustration of Babies Cough With Colds And Vomit After Eating Is Corona?
Illustration: Babies Cough With Colds And Vomit After Eating Is Corona?

Night doc I want to ask, my baby is 6 months old he has been coughing for 10 days and has subsided somewhat, and the cold has disappeared but not accompanied by fever since the beginning of coughing, but it has been 2 days sometimes if after eating vomiting but not often only occasionally, how are the symptoms which can be seen and watched out for the dock if the baby is infected covid 19 thanks

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Hello Fifi, thank you for asking at

I will try to help answer.

Complaints about vomiting complaints that occur occasionally after eating in infants can be caused by:

 Tonsillitis or tonsils: an inflammation that occurs in the tonsils, can be caused by viruses or bacteria. Symptoms include sore throat, painful swallowing, fever, cough, in infants or children generally accompanied by vomiting after eating. Bronchopneumonia: is an infection that occurs in the lungs caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi. Symptoms experienced include fever, cough with phlegm, shortness of breath, vomiting after eating. For the corona or covid-19 virus that is currently endemic, there are some common symptoms such as:

 Cough Fever Shortness of breath A history of traveling to areas that have experienced corona virus outbreaks or make contact with people infected with corona virus. It should be noted about the history of traveling and contact with other people, this can be distinguished from other diseases, although to ensure it still needs to do a physical examination and additional investigations such as blood tests and throat swaps.

For now if the child does not experience symptoms of high fever, cough, shortness of breath then the child can be treated at home for a while, but if complaints such as high fever, coughing, shortness of breath immediately take it to the nearest hospital to get further treatment.

Some things to do at home:

 Avoid traveling out of the house Avoid making contact with others for a while Avoid your child to be hugged and kissed by other people for a while Thus a brief explanation from me, hopefully can help. thanks.

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