Babies Do Not Hold Mother’s Hand When Touched?

Afternoon, I want to ask, now my child is 44 days old, and at that age he does not hold my hand when I touch it, after f find out the habit of making a fist after being stimulated by touch in the hand is a palmer reflex movement, therefore whether my child is normal when he doesn’t clench his hand when touched?

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Hello Ms. Neng! Thank you for asking at Congratulations on the birth of your baby.

The palmar hand reflex is a primitive reflex in infants that they begin to have since they are still in the womb and last until the child is 4-6 months old. If your child does not have this reflex, it is better for your child to be examined by a pediatrician. The absence of this reflex can indicate a disruption in the baby's innervation. The pediatrician will examine your baby to see if the reflex is indeed negative and the doctor will also examine other reflexes in the child. The doctor will explain to the mother about the results of the examination carried out. If there is a certain suspicion, the child may be asked to undergo some type of examination to determine the disorder.

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