Babies Don’t Like To Eat?

Illustration of Babies Don’t Like To Eat?
Illustration: Babies Don’t Like To Eat?

Tonight Doctor, my baby is currently 11 1/2 months, since 6 months started eating, eating is very difficult, I started cooking a variety of foods until I ran out of ideas. Finally I give instant food. Still also do not like to eat. I myself get traumatized every time the meal arrives. Please advise because it’s been 3 days to eat only 2-3 spoonfuls of babies. Since 6 months the weight dropped dramatically with an increase of only 150gr a month and never even rose at all. thank you

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Good evening, thanks for the question
Problems with eating difficulties in infants and children are often found in daily practice, and cause anxiety for parents. The causes are very varied such as the presence of the underlying disease, or environmental factors especially the family. The most common cause is the mistakes of parents in providing improper nutrition regarding food composition, texture and procedures for administration as well as inappropriate eating rules.
Feeding errors and eating rules that occur for a long time cause children to lack energy and chronic calories and result in failure to thrive or even malnutrition. The development of children's intelligence can be affected because of the growth disorder.
Some things to note include:
1. Children aged 9 - 11 months are advised 4 x MPASI and 4 x ASI or milk. And for children 12 months and over, it is recommended to give 6 times complementary milk and 2 times milk.
2. Give a schedule of main meals and regular snacks. Snack is only given after the main meal to prevent the child from being full to refuse the main meal.
3. The feeding time should not exceed 30 minutes. If after 30 minutes the food hasn't run out, then stop the eating process.
4. Don't offer other snacks when eating except drinking.
5. Food-giving procedures such as food given in small portions where the main food is given and then ended with drinking. Encourage children to eat alone. If the child shows signs of not wanting to eat, do not force the child let alone scold that will cause trauma to the child. If after 10-15 minutes the child still does not want to eat, end the eating process.
6. Create a pleasant eating environment, among others, there is no coercion, and there is no distraction from toys or television.
7. At the age of more than 1 year milk is no longer the main food source, but home-cooked food ingredients that are needed by children to support its growth, so that what is being pursued is to remain the main food more than milk.
8. Also note that food sources must meet the needs of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and taste. Mothers may add enough sugar and salt to add flavor to the food so that children are expected to prefer food. Food must also be varied so that children do not feel bored.
9. If the child can already be invited to communicate, ask what their problem is and why they don't want to eat.
Mothers can consult the child's eating problems if all the above efforts do not provide satisfactory results on the child's growth. Doctors need to assess whether there are organ disorders that have turned out to be the cause. It is very important to ensure the growth of a good child during the first 1000 days of life because it will affect many things going forward.
That's all, hope you can help

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