Babies’ Eyes Are Often Worn From Birth?

My baby is 7.5 months old. Full ASI. From birth to cur, her eyes were always tight. Her tears seemed a little thick. So every time after crying or waking up, she always rubs a lot, until her eyelashes are sticky due to dry spots. Sometimes when he is not sleeping he comes out behind him. From the first, the color of the belek is KITCHY YELLOW, but not green. I have often massaged (but it’s not regular every day) but how come it hasn’t healed yet? Is this an infection? R n r nThank you

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Between the eyes and the nasal cavity are connected by a channel, called the nasolacrimal duct. This channel functions to remove excess eye secretions, including when crying or experiencing inflammation in the eye. Excessive eye secretion in infants most often occurs due to blockage of this duct. The cause of this blockage can be due to a genetic abnormality (persistence of the membrane in Hasner's valve), dry tears, or an infection of the lacrimal system. This condition can seem very alarming, but it is not always dangerous.

Apart from obstruction of the nasolacrimal duct, excessive and abnormal eye secretions in your baby can also occur due to other factors, such as conjunctivitis (inflammation of the clear membranes), keratitis (inflammation of the cornea), foreign body ingress, uveitis (inflammation of the uvea tract), and etc.

Given that complaints have occurred from birth to months, you should check your baby directly to the doctor. That way, you can further evaluate the possible causes of the complaints, and what kind of handling is right to overcome them. If it is true that the complaint occurs due to nasolacrimal duct obstruction, then depending on the cause and severity, this condition can be treated with conservative therapy (lacrimal sac massage), administration of drugs, and surgery.

In the meantime, try to do the following as a first aid:

Clean the secretions that come out of your baby's eyes with clean, unscented wipes. Massage using the thumb and forefinger in the corner of your baby's eye to the nose (do it from top to bottom), do it repeatedly with clean hands. Avoid baby exposure allergens so that the production of eye secretions does not increase, for example cold, dust, smoke. Also avoid exposure to dust, pollution, and other irritants. Give your baby nutritious breast milk and solid solids so that his immune system is well preserved.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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