Babies Find It Difficult To Suck And Cry?

Illustration of Babies Find It Difficult To Suck And Cry?
Illustration: Babies Find It Difficult To Suck And Cry?

my baby was born prematurely 32 weeks, with a birth weight of 2.1 kg and was hospitalized for 14 days using an NGT tube because it was difficult to suck / breastfeed both breast milk and bottles but very rarely cry. incidentally my wife was very little.

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Premature or preterm babies born in a body condition not ready to be born. Characterized by weak motion and suction reflexes. You do not need to worry, growth and development will continue after the baby is born. Supported by nutrition and stimulation. Naturally, if your baby seems less active, sleep a lot, rarely cry and the suction reflex is not perfect.
What you should pay attention to is the warmth, nutritional intake, urinating, farting and defecation of the baby to assess his health. Some things you need to do:
1. Wash the baby with warm water, use telon oil after bathing, change the wet diaper immediately, avoid using the air conditioner or fan and do not leave the baby in the form of other cold conditions.
2. Continue to practice the baby's suction ability, as has been done, namely by giving ASI using a pacifier and scooping. In addition, feed the baby directly as often as possible, at the most every 2 hours, if possible more often. If the baby is sleeping, wake up by opening the blanket or rubbing the baby's feet. You have to be patient, okay? The stimulation that the mother gives greatly influences the development of the baby's suction ability.
3. The best food for babies is breast milk, for that the mother must be high-calorie foods high in protein and high in fiber, drink lots of water, think positively to be free from stress and ask relatives to accompany you throughout the day. This is done to increase mother's milk production. Mother's support is needed.
4. Pay attention to urinating and defecating as one of the parameters to see the adequacy of nutrition and digestive health. Urinating at least 6 times a day and defecating at least once a week, but it can be better once a day. Pay attention to the color of the baby's BAB, if golden yellow indicates nutrition from the most nutritious milk to the baby well, but if the greenish yellow color indicates the baby has not received quality nutrition.
5. Be careful of baby choking and pay attention to the baby's breathing pattern. If the baby sounds like whimpering, difficulty in breathing or breathing with a "high" sound, immediately take the baby to the nearest doctor so that further examination and treatment can be done.
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