Babies Have Diarrhea?

Illustration of Babies Have Diarrhea?
Illustration: Babies Have Diarrhea?

My pediatrician, aged 6 months, was given food and the formula was replaced with number 2, then didn’t chap for 3 days as soon as the chapters were hard! bgt, chapters a day until 6x. Before turning off milk and still drinking formula milk number 1 chapter, it was still smooth even though I was fed, but when I changed the chapter, I had a problem, is that because of what factors?

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Babies who are just learning to eat often have problems with their bowel movements, which can be constipation, or even diarrhea. This condition can also be aggravated by improper feeding of formula milk. Therefore, it is actually much better if you give your baby breast milk (breast milk) until the age of 2 years to minimize this.

Babies that become more frequent (diarrhea), are greenish in color, slimy and have a strong odor can indicate that your baby is experiencing intolerance due to components in the formula you provide. It could also, this condition occurs due to other causes, for example malabsorption, food poisoning, gastrointestinal infections, colitis, viral or bacterial infection of the lein, mineral imbalance in the body, or other diseases.

How long has it been for your baby, exactly? Has it been more than 3 days? Does your baby show signs of dehydration, such as fussy, weakness, frequent thirst, lazy breastfeeding, slow back pinch test, decreased consciousness, dry lips and eyes, and low urination?

If the complaint has occurred for more than 3 days, or appears accompanied by signs of dehydration and other serious complaints, you should not delay getting your baby checked directly to the doctor or pediatrician. Bring along the formula milk you gave your baby so that the doctor can evaluate the possibility that the milk is causing your baby's complaint. If necessary, the doctor may direct your baby to undergo blood tests, ultrasound, stool examination, or other supporting tests to determine the best treatment. If it is true that the main problem lies in the milk you give, then the doctor will also give you instructions for relactation or tell you what kind of milk is best adapted to the health condition of your baby.

In the meantime, try to do the following tips:

Don't panic. Pay better attention to the cleanliness of the environment around the baby, including processing media and feeding and drinking the baby Avoid dirty objects so that the baby doesn't get eaten by the baby Get used to washing the baby's hands regularly Give the baby plenty to drink to reduce the risk of dehydration Also give the baby food which are highly nutritious, reduce first the coconut milk or instant food when the baby is still experiencing diarrhea Try to do relactation (breastfeeding again). The composition of breast milk, including the antibody content in it, can minimize the risk of babies experiencing diarrhea. Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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