Babies Like To Squirm And Growl?

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Hello. My son is 1 month old, when my son sleeps at night he likes to squirm and growl, sometimes there is a groaning sound from his nose even though my child is not coughing. Explanation please. thanks

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Hi Ervan, Thank you for your question on

In general, baby squirming is a normal thing, and not a dangerous thing, because almost all babies are like that. However, a baby writhing can be something that must be considered and must be handled, because a baby squirming can have the following possibilities:

Babies are tired, seeing is their way to relax and be comfortable
Stomach bloating, writhing as a way of the baby shows that his stomach feels uncomfortable, which sometimes makes the sound of wind
It needs warmth from the mother, the baby feels cold, so it tries to squirm so that the body feels warm
The effect of carrying too long
Can't burp
Supine sleeping position for a long time
Wrapping the baby in a diaper that is too tight or swaddled, so that the baby cannot move freely

If your baby is squirming, accompanied by a flushed face, and the baby cries as if he looks in pain, the baby cries constantly when it's stretched, you should consult a pediatrician, so that further examination and treatment can be carried out.

Some things you can do at home are:

Frequently changing the baby's sleeping position, not only on his back but on his stomach or on his side
Avoid holding your baby too often
Find a comfortable position for the baby when breastfeeding or holding him
Set a feeding schedule and make baby burp when finished feeding
Do a gentle massage to the baby after bathing so that the body relaxes
Make sure your baby wears clothes that can keep him warm
Avoid swaddling or wrapping the baby too tightly

Thank you, hopefully useful. dr.Nurmarwiyah

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