Babies Often Cry Accompanied By Brown Liquid Stools?

Illustration of Babies Often Cry Accompanied By Brown Liquid Stools?
Illustration: Babies Often Cry Accompanied By Brown Liquid Stools?

, want to ask r nWhat causes a baby to cry suddenly, sleep for 10 minutes and then cry ??? r nBAB The diarrhea is brown, even though no one eats chocolate. r nPlease answer, I feel sorry for you, Mama her dead. she lives with my Mama, please answer …

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Hi Julianda,

Thank you for asking

Need to clarify, how old is the baby at this time? Have you experienced any other complaints, such as fever, vomiting, colic, pallor, shortness of breath, cough, runny nose, etc.? How long have complaints like this been happening?

Crying babies usually indicate discomfort in their bodies. There are very many possible triggers for this condition, including:

Hunger, thirsty Drowsiness Bored Environmental conditions that are too hot, cold, noisy. Pain, itching, or heat in the body Difficult to breathe, etc. Depending on the age of the baby, the consistency of liquid (loose stools) and brown can be a natural thing , but maybe not. If this condition occurs in babies who are very young, so they have just consumed breast milk, milk, or other soft foods, then this condition is probably not dangerous. However, if a bowel movement like this happens more than 3 times a day, you should still get it checked directly to a doctor or pediatrician. It is feared that this condition indicates a disturbance in the digestive system, for example related to food poisoning, gastroenteritis, intolerance, malabsorption, colitis, volvulus, diverticulitis, intussusception, other gastrointestinal bleeding, and so on.

In the process of making a diagnosis, not only interviews and regular physical examinations, it is possible that the doctor will also carry out other complete supporting tests, including complete laboratory tests, X-rays, ultrasound, CT scan, and so on according to the suspected disease that arises.

In the meantime, you and your mother can help the baby relieve his complaints through the following steps:

Calm the baby when crying, namely by holding and hugging him, singing him humming comfortably Do gentle massage on the baby's body so that he feels calmer and more relaxed Give the baby food and drink according to his age Avoid giving the baby food, drink, or other objects that are not clear cleanliness Avoid adults who are experiencing contagious disease so that they do not have close contact properly.

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