Babies Often Spit Up With A Rash On The Face?

Hello dokI want to ask how to deal with the sour smell in babies because my baby often spit up and sweat. And my baby often has a rash on his face like a pimp like that, but it disappears whether I should give baby cream or leave it alone? burping right after drinking breast milk sometimes also comes out of the nose because if spit up through the mouth like d drank again

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at Spit up is actually a natural thing to happen to babies because the digestive system is still not perfect. If your child often spit up, among the things you can do are:

 Burp your child after each breastfeed Feed your child in an upright position Do not immediately put your child after breastfeeding. Wait for about 30 minutes. If your child consumes breast milk, you should reduce the consumption of dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. If your child is over 6 months old and consumes formula, try adding 2-3 tablespoons of baby cereal to his milk. You try but your baby remains spit up, or spit up too much, affects his weight, the baby looks tired and lethargic, fussing, urination becomes less, and spit up liquid becomes colored, you should immediately take your child to the pediatrician, for further examination. against his condition.

Then regarding the rash on his face, there are many causes of the appearance of this rash. Could be because this is a prickly heat, can be a sign of allergies, can be in the form of insect bites, irritation, or even something else. Our advice for this, because there are many possibilities, you better take it directly to the pediatrician or dermatologist for direct viewing. Because if not checked, it is very possible that misunderstandings are detrimental to your own child.

Meanwhile, make sure your child is not overheated, may use baby cream but make sure it is not a prescription drug, wear loose clothing, and take it to the doctor immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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