Babies Rarely Cry?

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, I want to ask ..rnAlhamdulillah 11 days ago I gave birth normally, when the baby was born my baby cried but not for long and not too loud, at first I thought it was normal …rnI gave birth at 11:49 .. and my baby only cried for a while when he was born and when he was cleaned by the midwife..rnAfter that he fell fast asleep, when the call to prayer at dawn he cried so loudly that it shocked everyone😆 but not for long..rnAfter that no more crying, when I got home at 18:00 I just started crying again not long ago..rnUntil now, I rarely cry..rnAt least when I wake up I ask for milk, I don’t cry like usual the other babies just whined a little, sometimes they looked like their faces were red, but they didn’t cry loudly..rnWhen I’m in the shower, it’s so calm..rnAt first I was used to it, I thought my son was smart, he wasn’t fussy.. rnBut now I’m getting more and more worried..rnEspecially when I read articles on google the response is not good..rnrnThat’s why I want to directly ask the doctor at ..rnrnIs my baby normal?rnWhat should I do?rnrnNb: because the weather is rarely sunny in the morning The day I rarely dry my baby, since I was born until now it’s been 11 days I’ve only dried it once and even then because the sun is there ..rnrnI’m waiting for the answer..rnThank you..

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Hello Mother Iis,

Congratulations on the birth of the baby! As your new role as a mother increases, there is a lot to learn, especially regarding newborn care, as well as monitoring your baby's growth and development. One thing that always worries every parent is when a baby cries.

Crying is the only way your baby communicates with you and those around him. You need to know that baby crying can be caused by several reasons, here are some of them:

the diaper is dirty with dirt or wet with urine
hungry or thirsty
tired and sleepy
room temperature that is too cold or too hot
want to be carried
uncomfortable, usually when the baby is brought to a new environment
in pain, the baby's cries sound high-pitched, weak, persistent, and fussy

If your baby rarely cries, it is likely that the care you provide is sufficient to meet his needs and comfort. However, if you feel worried and in doubt, it would be better to check your baby's health condition directly to the nearest pediatrician in your city.

Please read the article:

why babies cry
baby doesn't cry

I hope this information is useful

dr. Lili

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