Babies Spit Up Or Vomit?

Illustration of Babies Spit Up Or Vomit?
Illustration: Babies Spit Up Or Vomit?

Good morning doctor, n n My baby is 1 month 11 days old, drinking breast milk, at the age of 1 month 7 days weight = 3.65 kg, length 52cm, weight and length at birth 2.7 kg and 45cm. N n My baby like spitting up or vomiting, conditions: n- out of breastmilk (sometimes breastmilk that has just been drunk, sometimes looks like it’s already digested) n- sometimes comes out of the mouth, sometimes from the mouth and nose. n- if it comes out of the mouth, nose it sounds like a runny nose even though it doesn’t have a cold. n- The baby sometimes gets cranky / cries if you want to spit up or vomit. n- spit out a little. n n Previously I picked up my baby when I saw him spit up from his mouth. mouth and nose from panic. After reading the article it turned out that it couldn’t be lifted. Then, at that time, when the baby was creaking like he was about to come out spit up, I lifted it because before I burp there was no sound. N n What I want to ask is: n1. Is my child growing normally at that weight? N2. My baby’s condition includes spitting up or vomiting, right? And is it normal to often spit up / vomit? N3. What to do when the baby spits up or vomits? N4. What symptoms indicate that my baby has a respiratory tract disorder? Because my baby has occasional coughs. N5. When breastfeeding my baby sometimes chokes until his lips are blue, how can I prevent this? I’ve changed the position of breastfeeding with my body position slightly leaning like that. I choke a bit rarely but still occasionally. Please find a solution. N nThank you in advance. N

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Spitting up is a condition that is quite common in young babies. Spitup can occur because the baby's digestive tract is not fully mature after birth. This condition will usually get better on its own after the baby can sit alone at around 4-6 months of age. Spitting up needs to be distinguished from vomiting. When spitting up, stomach fluids and milk will only flow out of the mouth, especially when the baby is burping. When vomiting, you will be able to see the pressure from the baby's stomach and the discharge of gastric juices and squirt more milk. Vomiting generally causes discomfort in the baby, so it is often followed by crying and fussing before and after vomiting. You can look back at when your child is spitting up, whether there is pressure on the stomach and whether the discharge looks flowing or spraying to tell whether the child is spitting up or vomiting.

Spitting up is a normal condition. Spit up becomes abnormal when you see the following signs:

the baby is not spit up but vomits, the baby's weight does not increase and the baby becomes less willing to drink milk. The baby becomes more fussy, especially after drinking milk. There are symptoms such as shortness of breath, the discharge is greenish yellow. Coughing is a reflex that occurs when a foreign substance enters the respiratory tract (it can be dirt / dust, it can irritate the airways such as pollution or cigarette smoke, it can be milk that enters the respiratory tract, it can also be vomit or stomach fluids). Even though it is a normal reflex, if your child often coughs when spitting up or when drinking milk, especially when accompanied by turning blue lips, this is an abnormal condition. You should immediately take your child to the Pediatrician for further evaluation and treatment.

Here are some things you can do to reduce spitting up in children:

Breastfeed the child with the head higher than the body. This will make it easier for the gas to escape from the digestive tract via belching. Burp the baby more often, if you are breastfeeding your baby directly, burp the baby when you change breasts and when you are done breastfeeding or maybe more often. Hold the baby in an upright position for approximately 20-30 minutes after feeding. When the baby spits up or vomits, if the baby is lying down, immediately tilt the baby's body so that the gastric juices that come out don't choke into the airways.

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