Babies Spit Up Too Much And Are Short Of Breath

Illustration of Babies Spit Up Too Much And Are Short Of Breath
Illustration: Babies Spit Up Too Much And Are Short Of Breath

my baby dock is only 8 days old and now likes excessive spit up docks until all my wet clothes, and my breath is also tight, doc why is this, doc ???

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Hello Novi,

Thank you for the question.

Spitting up in newborns is often reasonable due to the process of suckling in a hurry, choking, or not being burped afterwards. This spit will make the baby shocked and have difficulty breathing, so it looks crowded.

However, it could also be true that what your baby is experiencing is vomiting, not spit up. If vomiting appears accompanied by shortness in newborns, then the possible triggers are:

Indigestion (such as due to lactose intolerance, intestinal obstruction, milk allergy, intestinal inflammation, gastroenteritis, dyspepsia)
Respiratory disorders (such as due to pneumonia, bronchitis, pharyngitis, asthma, bronchhiolitis, rhinosinusitis)
Other factors, such as liver disorders, gallbladder or bile duct disorders, viral or bacterial infections, birth defects (eg cleft palate, esophageal atresia), etc.

The condition of your baby, if it happens very often and makes it look uncomfortable, should be checked directly to the doctor or pediatrician. Depending on the cause, later doctors can give your baby a variety of treatments.

At home, the following initial steps can be done:

Feed your baby only breast milk, do not add food or other drinks (including formula milk), unless the doctor recommends otherwise
When breastfeeding, position your baby's head and chest higher, don't breastfeed while lying flat, don't also use pacifiers too heavy
After breastfeeding, burp the baby properly for at least 5 minutes
If the baby is spit up, keep her body tilted to prevent choking
Keep the environment around the baby clean, away from dangerous objects that are vulnerable to swallowing
Do not panic and also do not carelessly give babies medicine

Hope this helps ...

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