Babies Start Not Drinking Much?

Illustration of Babies Start Not Drinking Much?
Illustration: Babies Start Not Drinking Much?

Hello .. my baby is 9 weeks old .. before the dose of milk was 90ml per two hours … now it starts to decrease .. the dose that he drinks is only 60ml / 70ml per two hours once … for weight gain also not so dramatically increased .. normal it has to be 5kg … my baby is only 4.3kg … can the baby really suddenly not want to feed?

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The amount of milk taken by the baby will continue to grow until later the baby begins to be given complementary food at the age of 6 months. If your baby is currently drinking less followed by weight gain that is not too good, then this indicates that drinking your baby is not enough. Baby's weight gain in the first 4 months is normally around 140-200 grams per week.

There are various reasons why babies become more unwilling to drink at this age, including:

the baby is teething
the baby is experiencing pain (coughing runny nose or ear infections)
baby's mouth hurts for example due to thrush or fungal infections in the mouth
less conducive breastfeeding conditions (places that are too bright, noisy, too much distraction, or uncomfortable breastfeeding positions)
breastfeeding until the baby falls asleep

Here are some things you can try to do first:

feed the child in a place that is minimally distracted, dim the room lights, close the door, clean the toys around the baby, keep away from the noise, etc.
do not breastfeed the child until the child falls asleep, wake up the child when sleeping in the middle of suckling
Clean the baby's mouth and tongue with gauze moistened with boiled water regularly when you bathe the baby
change the position of the baby when the baby is suckling

If indeed the amount of baby drinking is still inadequate (at this age babies should be able to drink 120-150 ml every 3-4 hours), the baby's weight does not rise well, or the child experiences other symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, fever, cough colds, etc., then immediately consult with your pediatrician to get further examination and management.

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