Babies Who Consume Formula Milk Often Cry Great At Night?

Illustration of Babies Who Consume Formula Milk Often Cry Great At Night?
Illustration: Babies Who Consume Formula Milk Often Cry Great At Night?

Good morning doctor, my name is mia .. I want to ask … my baby has just been 1 month 3 weeks doctor … Only 4 days ago he started crying at night … Crying loudly … His face was red even the sound is almost gone when crying … it’s a shame I can’t breastfeed a doctor … So I had to give him formula milk … When he cried it was very difficult to silence … I saw him like a doctor’s pain .. what I want to ask … What exactly happened to my child doctor … Does the milk not fit the doctor ?? Please help doctor … Thank you

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Hello Mia,

Crying is one of the ways babies communicate. Crying in babies can be caused by many factors, including such as:

Babies feel uncomfortable, want to be held, hungry, diapers or diapers need to be replaced, lonely, itchy, frightened Baby is disturbed by circumstances such as being too hot, cold, noisy, bright Baby is tired and sleepy Baby feels pain, for example karenakolik, diaper rash, bumps or falls, has a wound If the baby cries and looks in pain, think about colic. Colic is characterized by crying babies up to 3 hours or more for at least 3 days a week and can last up to around 3 weeks. Generally colic is harmless but makes the baby feel sick and uncomfortable. The characteristics of colic include crying when both hands are clenched, pulling knees to the stomach, arching his back, and his face is red.

The cause of colic can be due to lactose intolerance, cow's milk allergy, and GERD / gastroesophageal reflux disease. Although it is often harmless, you need to be vigilant if colic is accompanied by other complaints such as fever, diarrhea, slimy bowel movements, bloody bowel movements, green vomiting, high-pitched crying, baby sagging limp, not peeing, convulsions, and the baby looks stuffy until his body turn blue. If these symptoms appear, the baby should be immediately taken to the nearest emergency room so that they can be examined and treated immediately.

If there are no other signs or symptoms, for the time being you can try doing the following tips:

Carry the baby while crying, try to hold the baby upright but make sure your baby's head and neck support well Elus and gently massage his stomach and back Bring your baby after drinking milk Calm the baby by singing soft songs or playing soft tones Make the room / baby's room more comfortable Wash the baby with warm water Change diapers regularly Try changing your baby's formula milk, for babies 0-6 months you should use formula milk in consultation with your pediatrician Make sure the baby's milk equipment is clean and sterile If by the way the baby is still crying for hours and you feel there are other symptoms that need to be aware of, it would be better if you check your baby to the pediatrician or the nearest emergency room so that the cause can be ascertained so that your baby can be given further treatment.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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